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Gospell CAS

The GOSPELL Conditional Access System (CAS) is a security enhanced pay TV solution, and was designed to provide a completely secure media environment for operator content. with GOSPELL CAS, service providers can be sure that they can offer security enhanced content protection, allow them to increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) from subscribers, but with a low cost of ownership.It can encrypt control words and user authorization information within a stable and highly secured environment, and fully compatible with DVB Simul-Crypt standard.


In order to cater to the needs of ever-expanding digital television network, GOSPELL’s CAS enables TV operators to deploy a small or medium-size initial deployment and to be able to expand this to a large scale deployment, regardless of if this is cable, satellite or terrestrial. Furthermore, GOSPELL’s CAS supports a number of mechanisms of content protection enabling better operator investment, such as 3DES and AES encryption algorithm, smart card & STB binding, zone control, fingerprint, dual-level encryption and smart card distribution and so on.


CAS Components


The Gospell CAS consists of the following components:


CAS Management System and Database:

  • - CAS management, configuration and monitoring
  • - Database creation and updates in real time
  • - Communication with billing system and CAS encryption components, and process request

CAS Encryptor:

  • - Software-based ECMG, EMMG Server

Subscriber Side:

  • - GOSPELL STB CA module
  • - GOSPELL Smart Card
  • - GOSPELL CAM for iDTV (optional)


Features and Benefits:


Industry leading Content Investment Protection:

  • - 3DES/AES encryption algorithm
  • - Optional advanced hardware encryption
  • - Optional dual level encryption and smart card distribution from CAS provider and operator
  • - STB-Smart Card binding, supporting one STB to one card and one STB to multiple cards
  • - Smart zone control, preventing smart cards and STBs of different zones from roaming
  • - STB-Operator locking, preventing STBs of different operators from roaming
  • - PVR control and reauthorization, preventing contents from unauthorized record and copies
  • - Optional CAS redundant and backup mechanism for high security and reliability
  • - Adopts ASIC chip with proprietary COS system to smart card
  • - Supports covert and overt fingerprint approved by operators
  • - Fingerprint display, supporting ID display of smart card and protect from pirate
  • - SMS access control, prevent it from illegal access and control


Minimized Investment:

  • - Improved cost performance than other major CAS vendors
  • - Easy-to-Use remote management system, with reduced management and maintenance cost
  • - Gospell provides a complete DTV turnkey solution, enabling the operator additional benefits in dealing with just one company, therefore minimizing the amount of overall investment and work needed


High Performance Pay TV Solution:

  • · Supports up to 3Mbps of EMM bandwidth
  • · Supports up to 1000 product packages
  • · High efficient authorized distribution mechanism, supporting authorize and de-authorize quickly
  • · Quick authorize and shutoff, supporting multiple operation modes of simul-crypt and multi-crypt
  • · Supports network expansion from millions of subscribers to ten million subscribers smoothly
  • · Dynamic Access Criteria (AC), identical program may belongs to different product package
  • · Unlimited Package Support

Versatile functions:

  • · Fully compatible with DVB Simul-Crypt standard
  • · Supports DVB Simulcrypt and Multicrypt
  • · Conditional mail sending and display, such as notification of defaulting and system maintenance
  • · Conditional broadcast, such as channel banning, limitation and permission
  • · Forced TV channel change for emergency broadcast in case of disaster
  • · Forced OSD, supporting text content display on screen in a specified period
  • · Accredit permit play
  • · Default start up service of STB
  • · Conditional prohibit play

Modular design enables future expansion and customized function development

Value added Service Applications

GOSPELL’s Conditional Access System (CAS) can encrypt control words and user authorization information within a stable and highly secured environment. This system is 100% compatible with DVB simul-crypt standard, with high reliability. So that it could satisfy various requirements of operators with high cost-performance.


Digital TV Conditional Access System 3DES / AES Encryption Algorithm CAS Software