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Количина: Пар.

Бренд: Openbox

Категорија: Дигитални терестријални приемници DVB-T

Залиха: Има

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Goldeneye DVB-T2 Превземи спецификација

1.Main Chip Sets
Flash Memory 32MB Serial Flash
DDR2 Memory 512M
Demodulator IC ALI3821
2.DVB-T Tuner
Tuner Type on board
Input Frequency Range VHF:174~230MHz; UHF:470~862MHz;
Input Impedance 75Ω
RF input Signal LEVEL -83/-5dBM
Active Ant Power 5VDC @ 400mA MAX,Overload Protection
3.DVB-T Channel Decoder
Demod standard DVB-T2 Standard
MPEG Profile Level MPEG2 SD, MPEG2 HD, H.264/AVC SD, H.264/AVC HD,MPEG4 AVC/H264
Bandwidth 7、8MHz
Demodulation QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
Code Rate 1/2、2/3、3/4、5/6、7/8
Guard Intervals 1/4、1/8、1/16、1/32
4.USB Decode
DVR supporting Stereo/MONO/Left/Right
Media Supporting 1 USB2.0 Port, USB media player to playback the media in USB flash disk or USB
HDD or USB card reader with memory card.
File system FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS (only support first partition)
USB2.0 High Speed HOST DVR with USB HDD, Time shifting with USB HDD
5.Multimedia support format
movie avi、.mpg、.dat、.vob、.div、.mov、.mkv、.mjpeg、.ts、.trp, divx
music WMA、MP3、AAC
6.Video Decode
Video Decode High Definition MPEG4 AVC/H.264 HP@L4,MPEG-2 MP@HL/ML
Aspect Ratio Auto, 16:9 Pillar box, 4:3 Pan & Scan, 4:3 Letter Box.
Video Resolution 1920X1080P
7.Audio Decode
Audio Decode MPEG1 layer I, MPEG1 layer II, MPEG1 layer III, MPEG2 AAC,MPEG4 HE-AAC
Sampling Frequency 32KHz、44.1KHz、48KHz
8.AV Output
Video Bandwidth 5.5MHz(-3dB)
Video Impedance 75Ω
Video Voltage Level 1.0 Vp-p
Audio Freq. Range 20~20KHz
Audio Impedance 600Ω
Audio Voltage Level 2V rms(5.6Vp-p)
Input Voltage Input 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
Consumption 10W Max / 1W Standby (it’s optional by customer’s board)
Temperature 0℃ to +50℃
Humidity <95%