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Бренд: Z-Tronik

Категорија: Професионални QAM Модулатори

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DVB-T Модулатор Превземи спецификација

DVB-T Modulator is made according to DVB-T standard output the RF signals, which can be transmitted through HFC and MMDS networks. It is widely used in digital TV, data broadcasting, VOD, Internet, video conference systems. The WDQ-3300 has very convenient management interface, the user can complete all operation via local keyboard and LCD display on device, or access through the Ethernet port on device.

  • Compliant to EN300744 standard
  • Support 6MHz/7MHz/8MHz band width
  • Error correction follows DVB-T standard
  • Operable in QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM mode
  • Support 2K/8K carrier-wave operating mode
  • Input interface: ASI and SPI(DS3/E3 optional)
  • Input bit rate:1.5~31.67Mbps
  • Output band width: 6/7/8MHz
  • 188 and 204 packet automatic identification, shows real-time data format
  • Advance output TS efficiency
  • Capable of NIT mapping and sending; supports over 44 NIT mapping frequency
  • Holds 8 groups of PID filtering and re-mapping function
  • Support all PSI/SI data abstraction, modification and analysis
  • Null packet filtering and filling
  • Performs multiple PCR correction simultaneously
  • Monitor and test real-time enter/valid bit rate
  • Self-adjust filter circuit design in order guarantees superb SNR (out of band)
  • -20dB RF test output is available (IF output is options)
  • Failure alarming and power off memory
  • Local keyboard control and LCD display, or access via Ethernet link