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Kategorija: Професионални QAM Модулатори

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QAM Modulator 4 ASI IN with multiplexing Preuzmi specifikaciju

QAM Modulator 4 ASI IN with multiplexing is a new compact (1RU only) chassis and cost-effective QAM modulator with multiplexing function, which is designed according to the DVB related standards. QAM Modulator 4 ASI IN with multiplexing has 4 ASI input (Max. bit rate of each channel up to 108Mbps), dual ASI outputs after re-multiplexing as the mirror of RF output, 1 IF and RF testing output. The QAM Modulator 4 ASI IN with multiplexing has very convenient and friendly management interface, the user can complete all operation via local keyboard and LCD display on device, or access through the Ethernet port on device.


  • 4 ASI inputs
  • 1 QAM frequency output
  • Up to 108Mbps bit rate for each DVB-ASI input (cover both data packets and data burst)
  • Up to 2 ASI outputs, supporting multiplexing ( both SPTS and MPTS )
  • 4~256QAM modulation modes
  • Provide RF output monitoring port (-20dB)
  • Adjustable Symbol Rate up to 7Mbaud
  • Max. effective bit rate up to 51.6Mbps (SR=7Mbaud, 256QAM)
  • Nominal RF Output power ≥100dBuV ( with 0~25dB adjustable attenuation range) and 48~860MHz frequency range
  • IF Out 35~45MHz 125KHz step
  • TS packet format input automatic detection and output configurable (188 or 204 bytes)
  • PSI/SI tables regeneration
  • PID filtering and re-mapping
  • Local keyboard control and LCD display, or access via Ethernet link