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Бренд: Z-Tronik

Категорија: Интерфејс конвертори

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ASI to IP Adapter/IP Gateway adapter Превземи спецификација

ASI/IP Adapter is a important device which can connect the new IP-based DTV head-end devices with preceding traditional head-end devices, in order to ensure their proper co-operation. IT converts TS from ASI input into IP data packets and output to Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) port. It has 8 ASI inputs, 1 GbE data output and 1 TCP/IP(network management) port.

Main Features:

  • 8 ASI inputs with 188/204 self-adaptive packet length
  • Bit rate range of each ASI input: 1~200Mbps, with maximum total input bit rate of 800Mbps
  • Up to 256 PID forwardings of each ASI input
  • Support special PID pass-through under SPTS mode (8-512 configurable for each output TS
  • GbIP output bit rate range: 1~800Mbps
  • UDP payload : 7 of 188-byte length TS packets
  • Support output modes: SPTS or Pass-through
  • Up to 8 output packets under pass-through mode, and 256 output packets under SPTS mode
  • Support Web-based configuration and network management
  • Bi-lingual management user interfaces and related documents (Chinese/English)
  • Support power failure memory recovery
  • Support import/export of configuration settings
  • Support online upgrade for all embedded programs