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Количина: Пар.

Бренд: Z-Tronik

Категорија: Професионални QAM Модулатори

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IP QAM Modulator+simulcript SCRAMBLER Превземи спецификација


This is a new compact (1RU only) chassis and cost-effective IP of DVB simulcrypt scrambler. It has Two IP input (Max. bit rate of each channel up to 900Mbps), 1 IP output and 1 IP Ethernet port with very convenient and friendly management interface, the user can complete all operation access through the Ethernet port on device.

  • Complete IP-based data processing
  • Support multi-channel multiplexing and scrambling
  • Support simul-crypt and DVB-CSA scrambling
  • Single device for all DTV stream processing tasks except bit rate conversion and transcoding
  • Flexible configuration of data input/output and network settings
  • Able to process up to 250 input TS, 16 out TS, 1024 DTV programs
  • TS input bandwidth of up to 800Mbps, output bandwidth of up to 750Mbps
  • Support Web-based network management without dedicated management software
  • Support auto-saving of user configuration, for recovering previous operation status
  • Multi-lingual management user interfaces and related documents suit for both regional and overseas markets
  • Support monitoring of operation temperature and power supplies, as well as intelligent fan speed control
  • Dual power supplies warm standby with seamless switching