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Бренд: Z-Tronik

Категорија: Професионални Мултиплексери

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8 Channel 2 output TS RE-Multiplexer Превземи спецификација


8 Channel 2 output TS RE-Multiplexer is a new compact (1RU only) chassis and cost-effective DVB-ASI re-multiplexer with IP output, which is designed according to the DVB related standards. It has eight DVB-ASI inputs and two dual independent DVB-ASI outputs. The maximum input rate up to 108Mbps on each input, and output rate is adjustable
from 0Mbps to 108Mbps according to different requirements.It also supports 10/100/1000BASET IP output with rate auto-negotiation. It has very convenient and friendly management interface, the user can complete all operation via local keyboard and LCD display on device, or access through the connection between the Ethernet port on device and the management computer. 
• Up to eight DVB-ASI inputs
• Up to 108Mbps bit rate for each DVB-ASI input (cover both data packets and data burst
transmission format )
• 2 x dual independent DVB-ASI outputs with continuous adjustable output bit rate range from 0Mbps to 108Mbps (1Kbps step)
• 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-Negotiation IP output(2 IP outputs)
• Zero jitter on Gigabit output
• PSI/SI tables regeneration, rank the programs by Service_ID (program_number) or Logical Mapping
• PID filtering and re-mapping
• PCR correction
• Local keyboard control and LCD display, or access via Ethernet link
• TS packet format input automatic detection and output configurable (188 or 204 bytes)
• Real-time statistics of output TS bit rate
• Automatic empty packet stuffing and fixed bit rate output
• Memory protection for power-fail