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Encoder MPEG-2 - 4 in 1 Channel Превземи спецификација


Encoder MPEG-2 - 4 in 1 Channel  with IP Output is compliance to DVB standard broadcast real-time video and audio MPEG-2 compression equipment with both DVB-ASI and GbE TS over IP outputs. It’s adopts new type video, audio coding calculation and multiplexer technology, it can compress analog/digital audio and video signal and with high quality encoding and cost-effective. It supports analog composite video and dual audio channels. The encoder can real-time coding and multiplexing of audio signal. It’s fully compliant to MPEG-2 standard and with good compatibility.
• Video compress compliant to ISO/IEC13818-2(MPEG2)
• Up to 4 CVBS video and 8 two-channel audio inputs
• Input video style adaptive, adjustable rate output
• Two DVB-ASI outputs
• One 10/100/1000Mbps TS over IP Ethernet port with bitrates auto-negotiation able
• Zero jitter generation on TS over IP output
• Setting program and supplier name through internet and front panel.
• Both local or remote network management and online update.
• 10/100M Base-Tx management interface
• Support brightness, color saturation, contrast and color adjustment.