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Бренд: Z-Tronik

Категорија: Професионални Ресивери

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TS Receiver 8 in 1 Multi-functional (6-Tuners S2+T)/Asi+IP output Превземи спецификација


The Multi-Functional 8 in 1 TS Receiver is a new compact (1RU only) chassis and cost-effective multi-functional TS  receiver which is designed according to the DVB related standards. It is a project-based satellite digital stream converter, fully comply with DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T/T2 standards and receive all non-encrypted digital programs at home and abroad.
It has 6 RF input ports and 2 ASI input ports, 1 ASI output after multiplexing with loop output, 1 Network management port and 1 IP output port. Through the Ethernet link, users can view the device status, set the Tuner parameters, signal quality control and other related functions, easy operation, friendly interface.
• 6 tuner inputs, 2 ASI inputs
• 1 ASI output with loop output and 1 IP output
• Compatible with DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2
• Support MPTS and SPTS
• Up to 8 programs with SPTS mode
• PID filtering and re-mapping
• PSI/SI tables regeneration
• PCR correction
• Memory protection for power-fail
• Multi-languages and interfaces for choosing
• Signal strength, quality of instruction
• LNB dual polarization mode control
• access via Ethernet link